Kansas City, Missouri Attorneys for Nursing-Error Claims

Nurse Malpractice and Negligence

Nurses play an essential role in patient care in hospitals and a range of other health care settings. As the professionals most often charged with dispensing medication and monitoring patients, nurses have a duty to comply with all applicable standards of care. When they fail to do so and the outcome is catastrophic or fatal for a patient, investigation is certainly warranted and legal action may be necessary.

If you believe nursing negligence or any other form of medical malpractice is the reason for a seriously adverse outcome suffered by you or a family member, we are here to help. Attorneys at The Redfearn Law Firm have been taking strong legal action to help medical negligence victims recover fair and just compensation for decades.

We established both doctors' and nurses' negligence in a wrongful death case on behalf of a mother who lost her son due to their failure to diagnose and treat a bowel obstruction in a timely manner. This case was settled in mediation for a confidential amount. Our attorneys have also obtained successful outcomes in numerous other significant cases of nursing failures and other forms of medical malpractice, as well as in serious cases of nursing home abuse and neglect.

We understand the trauma and grief you may be feeling after a major medical mistake. We also realize that you may not know who — or what entities, such as a hospital or long-term care facility — should be held accountable. Our lawyers know the applicable laws and we have access to the experts necessary to get to the truth after mistakes such as:

  • Medication error or overdose;

  • Failure to monitor a patient sufficiently to detect post-surgical complications or another change in condition that may be life-threatening; and

  • Failure to promptly notify a doctor of a patient's need for fast attention and intervention or treatment.

In an era when many personal injury lawyers shy away from the complexity and challenging nature of medical malpractice cases, we are extremely active in this important area of law. To speak directly to a Kansas City area attorney with nursing errors case experience, call or contact us online anytime.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Missouri Supreme Court Rule 4-7.1.