Kansas City, Missouri Attorneys for Product-Liability Claims

Product Liability and Defects Causing Serious Injury or Death

Defective and dangerous products seriously injure thousands of people across the U.S. each year. Victims must cope with staggering medical costs and life-altering trauma or grief. Often, we determine that basic safeguards, clear warnings or other measures taken by the manufacturer could have prevented such tragic accidents.

Trial-Proven Defective-And-Dangerous-Products Injury Lawyers

Since 1984, our lawyers have been seeking justice for individuals and families who suffer due to manufacturers' negligence. Our number one priority is always obtaining a fair recovery for our clients. We also take great satisfaction in exposing defects and unsafe practices to prevent similar injuries to others — which is a priority for many of the good people we represent as well.

Auto Parts, Vehicle Defects, Industrial Machinery, And Consumer Products

The Redfearn Law Firm is well-prepared to handle the complexity of product liability litigation. We apply our own in-house knowledge and work with qualified experts to analyze engineering, scientific and medical issues in depth. We refuse to be intimidated by major corporate wealth and resources as we pursue cases involving many types of product defects and design shortcomings, including:

Automotive defects ranging from airbag failures and door latch defects to defective brakes, tires, seats, fuel systems and electrical systems;

Defective machinery and equipment such as aerial lifts, forklifts, cranes, presses, grinders, mixers, back hoes, drill presses, lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment;

Defective tools such as power saws, nail guns, blow torches, jackhammers, paint strippers and sand blasters;

Farm equipment; and

Motorcycles, Motorized recreational vehicles such as ATVs, and Segway personal transporters.

Our attorneys have obtained favorable outcomes in personal injury and wrongful-death litigation after accidents caused by product defects. In addition to other significant cases that yielded confidential settlements and initiated important product changes, we earned, a multi-million-dollar settlement for a nail gun accident victim who suffered a neurological injury and a $1 million dollar settlement for the family of a man fatally injured due to the lack of a proper guard on a trash compactor.

A knowledgeable, experienced attorney at our firm will treat you with care and respect. Simply call or contact us online today to tell us what happened and discuss your legal options.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Missouri Supreme Court Rule 4-7.1.