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Defective Consumer Products, Injury and Death

As consumers, we entrust our safety to people we do not even know - the designers and manufacturers of the products we use. Consumer protection laws attempt to ensure our safety, but sometimes these prove not enough. Despite having to undergo testing, a consumer product defect can still occur and seriously injure you or your family. While consumer rights groups have gone a long way to ensure your safety against defective products, some manufacturers simply make substandard and poorly engineered products. Some companies even intentionally sell defective products to unwary consumers.

Since 1984, our firm has been investigating valid claims on behalf of people injured by defective consumer products throughout Kansas, Missouri, and the nation. We employ skilled engineers who will investigate accidents to determine the exact cause.

Our firm is capable of investigating and prosecuting all types of consumer product defect claims. Some examples of the types of claims we handle involve:

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured because of a consumer product defect, contact The Redfearn Law Firm for a free initial consultation with an experienced trial lawyer.

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