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Segway Accidents, Injury and Death

Tens of thousands of Segway personal transporters have been sold since the product was introduced in 2003. These devices are battery-powered and can reach speeds above 12 miles per hour. Today, in addition to private owners riding these devices, it is becoming increasingly common for companies in some U.S. cities to offer sightseeing tours on Segway transporters.

Although Segway accidents and injuries may not be an everyday occurrence, a significant number have been severe or fatal. Perhaps most notably, the owner of the Segway company was killed in a fall off a cliff while riding a Segway in 2010. Our law firm has successfully resolved several Segway-related injury claims and, as a result, founding attorney Paul Redfearn has been hired by other firms around the country to represent their clients when such cases arise.

The Segway "dynamic stabilization" system relies on sophisticated software, sensors and controls. One product recall was initiated due to a propensity to stop suddenly when battery power was exhausted. Another recall acknowledged a software defect that sometimes caused transporters to operate in reverse at high speed without warning. Reported injuries have included traumatic brain injuries, fractures, neck and back injuries, and other serious outcomes.

Our attorneys are prepared to evaluate all aspects of an accident that caused serious injury, considering factors such as:

Whether a product liability lawsuit is justified by a defect in Segway software or some other aspect of the transporter's design; and

Whether a tour company or other entity's failure to provide proper and adequate training may have led to a Segway rider's injuries.

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