Kansas City, Missouri Attorneys for Texting-And-Driving Accident Claims

Distracted-Driving Accidents, Injury and Death

Year after year, statistical evidence on the extreme dangers of cellphone use behind the wheel continues to build. Even in the face of government and independent studies that show texting while driving is absolutely comparable to drunk driving in the risk it creates, far too many drivers continue to engage in this incredibly reckless behavior.

Current anti-texting laws are often very limited and seldom enforced. The reality is that young drivers are not the only ones who violate laws. Our experienced attorneys can recognize tell-tale signs of distracted driving and know what to do to prove it occurred. If you have any reason to suspect that your own or a family member's accident was caused by a texting driver, we are here to help.

Applying many decades of experience in complex, disputed vehicular accident cases, we work rigorously to establish fault and liability in our clients’ cases. Some of the more common types of texting-while-driving accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions in urban traffic, construction zones and other locations where they may seem inexplicable; and

  • Side-impact collisions caused by lane-drifting or sudden swerves on interstates and other busy highways.

Sadly, catastrophic accidents caused by texting come to light around the country nearly every day. After a few fatal head-ons and other tragic cases of wrongful death on the highways, the text that the driver was sending has been recovered and presented in public service announcements. Incredibly, numerous trucking accidents caused by texting semi-drivers have been exposed as well.

Our metro Kansas City attorneys can take every available step to establish what happened and recover just compensation for you. In some cases, cellphone records can be obtained in support of a claim of gross negligence, enabling the recovery of damages beyond purely financial ones.

For a free consultation focused on your legal rights after any type of serious motor vehicle accident, we urge you to contact us. At The Redfearn Law Firm, we care about public safety and we will prioritize your case.

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