Kansas City, Missouri Attorneys for Vehicle-Rollover Injury Claims

Vehicle Rollovers, Injuries and Death

Vehicles traveling at highway speeds or turning at sharp angles should be able to withstand the changes and maintain control. Unfortunately, some cars and SUVs are improperly designed and fail to maintain balance and control leading to vehicle rollovers. At The Redfearn Law Firm we are experienced in investigating auto and truck accidents involving vehicle rollovers and can assert your rights against a negligent manufacturer.

Vehicle rollovers can be caused by a variety of factors. Usually it has to do with stability of the vehicle caused by a wheelbase that is too short or narrow, leaving the center of gravity too high to maintain control. Other rollovers are caused by a failure to have electronic stability control, which can help a vehicle adjust steering and brakes to ensure the control of the vehicle. Our attorneys work with experts in the automobile industry to investigate the cause of accidents or rollovers.

When you or someone you love suffers a serious or life altering injury, it is necessary to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your rights and claims. Insurance carriers and other defendants may seek to settle your claim without giving you the full financial compensation you are due. The Redfearn Law Firm is committed to the rights and best interest of our clients.

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